How Will The Papers Spin This Mess?

An hour of rage?

I wandered around the “big” tax and spend rally in Concord today and I can tell you one thing for sure:

Those who believe they will be thrown out on the street, denied any retirement, tipped out of a wheel chair, and fed to the wolves in a snow bank didn’t show up in any significant numbers to defend their “share” of the state budget.

It was the biggest bust since the liberal Democrats who run the Democrat party lost almost every elected office in NH, back in 2010.

I would venture a guess that at least a third of the “protesters” today were users of state services accompanied by their HHS supervisor. At least most people who were walking with me to the much publicized event appeared to be in groups of three with a driver - so much for spontaneous public outrage at cost cutting to end the billion dollar Democrat deficit.

There were some college kids and assorted students. The typical crew cut with hoop earrings look (men, women, and those in transition) libs are famous for, was few and far between. Most protesters seemed to be HHS employed or fire department workers.

A couple of union punks tossed an insult or two at my friend John Kalb of NH Right to Work whom I was walking with. Other than that – boring!

As I drove into Concord past the Blue Seal plant at 11:45 I saw at least one helicopter and several planes circling what I thought would be a whole downtown full of people.

Not so much.

Yesterday, the Concord Police pre-positioned emergency barricades at the corner of North Main and Pleasant St.

Hell, the maximum sized crowd didn’t even cover Capitol Street or Park St. which were cordoned off for the over-hyped rally.

By 12:45 all you saw was the back of heads walking back to cars parked within a quarter mile of the State House.

Fizzle – pop!

If the whole deal had 2,500 people show up I would say that is an over estimate.

Tea Party events can drag that many attendees to an event without paying them to come.

Expecting thousands more protesters from out of state than just the head of the Vermont Employees Association and some of your standard MassHoles, I thought I might find out if there was a jump in south bound cars going down Rt. 93 through the toll booths between 1 pm and 2 pm. But it wasn’t worth the effort.

New Hampshire state legislators have nothing to fear in voting to deal with past Democrat over-spending and bring fiscal sanity back to our state.

They should forge ahead and ignore this insignificant blip on the rally scene.