A Frugal Tradition

If New Hampshire had had an income tax when the tax and spend Democrats took over and raised spending 17.5% in one year. They would have doubled down on spending had they the available cash. No question about it.

And here we are, the lowly cities and towns who were living beyond their means on state aid, waiting for the final tally of what we ain’t gonna get.

Who would have guessed the State of New Hampshire – through Governor Lynch – would be so harsh as to try and balance their own budget on the backs of cities and towns?

Anyone with a brain seems to be a good bet.

And thankfully, New Hampshire taxpayers have always rejected sending more money and power to Concord. Once again, we dodged that bullet.

As a taxpayer activist for about twenty years I can say without a shadow of doubt that there is ZERO interest in trying to sell broad based taxes as a remedy for past over-spending and a sour economy.

That is why here in New Hampshire we will be one of the first states out of this national economic disaster.

The 235 municipalities in our state, for the most part, have quietly cut back on spending starting about six years ago.

It is the secret of the New Hampshire Advantage.

Voters are headed out today to prove it again.