Gov. Gary Johnson at CNHT

New Mexico has actually had a Governor who did not raise taxes in eight years and vetoed some 700 bills, many of which would be considered government growing efforts. You would think his name would be a household word – but not yet.

I met with Governor Gary Johnson Sunday at The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers office in Concord. Here is my offering: He is relaxed and thoughtful, plus he listens. These are key attributes for anyone who wants to connect with New Hampshire activists who see cattle cars full of candidates.

And then we have the track record.

Not many potential primary combatants have the street-cred of “been there didn’t do that” of Governor Johnson. When push came to, NO, Governor Johnson stood firm. We usually get a batch of really good reasons for having caved on some issues, but that isn’t a problem with Gov. Johnson.

Oh, can he win?

And we always get that question. The one that is supposed to stop them at the gate.

Let’s see, he was a Governor. Governors do things, Governors have responsibilities and budgets. He was re-elected and term-limited to two four year terms.

In the world of who has EARNED a shot at being President, the farm team of successful Governors has to be at the top of any list.

Governor Johnson is automatically pegged as the “Second Ron Paul.” This is a compliment as well as a perceived burden if you think he would be limited to the amount of traditional support Congressman Paul has.

I think a candidate like Governor Johnson could easily be seen picking up Ron Paul support and quickly moving on from the ground-breaking campaign of a non-traditional candidate like Ron Paul.

There exists in America today millions of voters who are absolutely not going to settle for any party or media anointed poser.

If Governor Johnson finds himself part of the last man standing club of the 2012 primary it wouldn’t bother me at all.