If NPR Fell In The Weeds, Would Anyone Listen

Can we please stop pretending like the executives at NPR are anything but what the latest sting has shown?

If you listen to any show on NPR it shines through like a beacon that they are elitist, self-important, and living large in a fantasy world of non-profit largess.

The board is packed with like-minded liberals. That is the way all liberal organizations operate. They can not sleep knowing a single person in the organization thinks differently. I call it “the insufferable insecurity of the hive.”

Here is a shocker.

Let’s say this young fella who stung ACORN and Planned Parents for the Hood gets a shot a slipping a microphone into a conversation deep in the bowels of any major news network.

Do you imagine the outcome will be different?

Anti-Semitism, elitism, hatred of anything considered traditional American values, as well as the time honored agenda to destroy conservative opponents on a personal level are stock and trade tactics.

The more you pay these people, the worse it gets.

Pull NPR’s funding and set the hate free.