The Belmont Municipal Buffet

If you want to see what a real town meeting looks like in a soft economy check out Belmont.

There was the $6,710,328 budget some $70,000 lower than the $6,780,638 default budget which passed by over two-to-one. You have lower taxes without any cutting. (If the default wasn't rigged.)

Article #19 asked voters to raise $178,359 for various projects. But $90,000   would be taken from the pre-existing Land and Water Conservation Fund and the balance of Art. #19 would be funded by donations making the article tax neutral this year.

The fire department had four articles. All passed.

One was for a new or used truck with a price not to exceed $450,000.00

Another was $40,000.00 for a utility truck. Both vehicles will come from the Fire/Ambulance Equipment and Apparatus Special Revenue Fund.

Article #31 will create a $2,500 fund for dry hydrant and cisterns.

Almost $800,000.00 in highway and sewer projects covered by user fees and block grants passed. No real tax impact.

All eleven warrant articles funding capital reserve funds accounts passed.

There you have it, informed voting and thinking ahead.

If the Governing Body follows the wishes of the voters then this is how it is supposed to work.