Give It Up

Hillsboro/Deering S.A.U. #34, also known as “Sorry About Ueducation U Ain’t Get’n” is, according to the NH DOE, the fifth worse high school in the state.

I know the high school has been for a long time and forever will be disfunctional – I happen to live within the District and ran for school board once as a lark after having been on the Buildings and Grounds Committee when we privatized the janitorial services.

Ah, but according to a Hillsboro/Deering School Board Member Terry Clark there is a silver lining to a state forced re-structuring plan.

The failed school will qualify for MORE MONEY!


See, the Hillsboro/Deering School District is one of the largest employers in town and it is run as a jobs-for-locals program, not as a school in the common meaning of the term.

If you are blessed, and a proven pro-school as an employer acolyte, you might wind up on the school board or working at the place.

Once elected or appointed at S.A.U. #34 you have options such as creating a new position and then hiring yourself to fill it or my favorite, being the “conservative” on the school board willing to sell an unaffordable new school, then resigning to become the $50,000.00 per year clerk of the works on the same project – with no experience in that line of work whatsoever.

CNHT dealt with S.A.U. #34 a few years back when they tried to move special needs student Joel Durham from Crotched Mountain Rehab Center down to their school so they could spend the $150,000.00 in house rather than where Joel needed to be. We won the battle to keep Joel in the rehab center.

Unfortunately, Joel passed at 17 years of age from pneumonia complications and the school quickly moved his unused budget into the general fund. It is always about the money.

If the State of New Hampshire gives Hillsboro/Deering one more dime they are out of their minds.

A dozen or so years ago their budget was $7 million. Now it is almost $21. (same # of students)

And the municipal mafia that dominates the school has nothing to show for it but over-funded zero responsibility education positions, revolving door education “experts” and other con artists.

Break the high school up – ship the students out - push the palace into a hole with some rented dozers.

There is an appropriate education plan for Hillsboro/Deering.