Debate + Compromise = Ruin This Time

On the anniversary of the American Civil War it pays to look back at what it was all about, minus the re-written history.

Thumbing back in my mind through the Federalist Papers I remember reading a chapter about having a balance between state and federal government or else, excuse the probable misquote, but it went like this:

Without a balance between states rights and a federal government powers it would not be long before the industrial states of the North turned a jealous eye towards the fertile fields and valleys of the South.

The statement jumped out at me because it looked like a prediction of the conflict that happened over the control of cotton about a hundred years later.

Slavery, brought to the Colonies by the Portuguese, Dutch, and British, has taken much of the blame for the Civil War but it was king cotton's fortunes that did it.

So we had big issues of immense importance before the Civil War and people did not try to make it as though states rights and slavery where just different opinions needing a sprinkle of compromise to resolve.

Now here we are in 2011 and there is a constant drumbeat of how each side of our national dialogue is just as worthy as the other. Larger, all encompassing government is just as much a part of what makes America as does smaller government and personal freedom.

And the Constitution is whatever liberal judges say it is on any given day as long as it is progressive or socialist in nature.

The debate about smaller government in America isn’t about something as simple as taxes any longer because we no longer pay taxes in this country – we are transferring wealth from one group to another by force of government on a fatal scale. It really is that simple.

There is a big difference between taxes to run a government and taxation as a means to transfer this country into something it is not and was never meant to be – a plural dictatorship run by a group of people as remote from the citizens of this country as the King of England was.

Watching the so-called budget debate in Washington finally makes it clear to a vast majority of people that we are on the brink of national financial ruin on a scale that will re-define the country forever.

But I don’t think progressives are about to get what they want from a meltdown because you can not buy votes with nothing left to spend. And no one trusts progressives and socialists any longer. That is why they are acting so crazy lately.

The Republican leadership sold out for pennies on the billion to avoid a necessary government shutdown and this will make the true conservatives even bolder.

Scared senior Republicans still do not understand that even if Social Democrats regain control of anything it will explode in their hands. You can not borrow six billion dollars a day for entitlements forever.

I like watching the clowns tiptoe out to the end of the high-dive in those big red shoes. It’s the last trip many will make.

The circus is almost over.