Roemer's Flair and Trump's Hair

I got back from doing a Stihl Timbersports Competition at Purde University on Monday and am leaving Thursday to do another one at Penn State’s Mont Alto campus on Sunday so I thought I would get a haircut in Concord at HairBiz.

The owner, David Holden, has transformed his humble salon into “The Place to Stop” on the winding path of NH Presidential Primary.

David gives $400 dollar haircuts with proceeds going to autism research. The walls are plastered with past campaigners and large copies of their donation checks.

I met Dennis Kucinich there at the last primary go round.

Stop by and check it out. (But don’t expect to see Gov. Lynch’s check up on the wall for some reason?)

Yesterday, Governor Buddy Roemer stopped by with his huge campaign bus. And the former governor and congressman was outside today walking around Concord having coffee and meeting people, unfortunately, after I left the salon.

It looks like former La. Governor Roemer is in for the long haul - suits me fine. He was and independent Democrat before becoming a budget cutting Republican and industrial pollution fighter among other things.

So Dave and I were talking and the subject of “The Donald” came up.

These days how can the not happen?

Dave Holden has a plan for his autism research/presidential primary photo op stop.

The record for a single haircut in the Guinness Book of Records is $18,000.

Dave says if Donald Trump trumps that number with a donation to autism research and lets him trim his famous hair, like everyone else has, Dave will re-name his salon The Trump Salon.

Of course it would be the best hair salon in the world with a name like that and a once in a lifetime (or campaign) opportunity to make one’s mark in downtown Concord.

Did you know that if you let Guinness in on a record breaker they send a representative?

Dave Holden is serious about autism research and his offer, a tad crazy, but serious.

If I was The Donald’s scheduler…….