Do It!

Here it is as simple as it can get.

If you are a House member in New Hampshire you are dealing with a huge deficit which can largely be attributed to one person – John Lynch, the guy everyone likes, as the media describes him over and over again.

I see he is leading a grassroots charge to have ordinary citizens demand no spending cuts.

Oh how scary, Lynch on the stump.

Now the self-professed fiscal conservative/liberal social issues Governor has come full tilt left on everything – as he has always been.

There is a way to offer the Governor a pay-back of sorts for his past lack of leadership with a current taking away of his new found leadership.

Here all you need to do.

Override every veto Lynch signs – the next day if possible.

This Governor has not EARNED a veto pen.

Take it away.

Right to Work is the perfect issue.

I do not care what your stance on RTW, Lynch should have no power to veto that bill or any other until after his final term is over.

It’s the smart thing to do if you are in the Legislature.

Be done with him and get our state back on track.