Wake-up Call

Last night I had a dream, a detailed, in-color dream like the kind you remember every single part of no matter how bizarre.

I was so fast asleep and lost in my dream it almost felt real, as if no flash of light could ever wake me up.

No noise, or buzzer, or siren could wake me up. I was physically out like a light but dreamily having the time of my life.

In my dream I had so much money from a cushy job I couldn’t find a way to spend it all.

I didn’t have a care in the world – even losing my cushy job was impossible.

Waking up from my dream would only be a let down so I stayed asleep as long as I could.

And what was my dream about?

I dreamed I was an air traffic controller.

But that is not all.

I dreamed I was an air traffic controller who was sound asleep and dreaming on the job!

Oh how relaxing. Not a care in the world.

Imagine being twice removed from reality, like an air traffic controller quietly sleeping and dreaming on the job – dreaming about sleeping on the job.

Now that is paradise!

Never get fired, never get reprimanded, and make $160,000 per year to suffer eight hour cat naps.

Now if only I could stay home and dream and have Uncle Sam mail my check to me until I retire at 45 and collect 90% of my dream job pay for the next 35 years.