What's Up And Down And Black And Blue All Over?

Thumbing through the Monthly Expense Reports from the Town of Atkinson, one stumbles across the line item: 40.41969.520.00.

Here we have the Property Liability Insurance expenses for 2011.

It jumps right out at you.

The Town of Atkinson budgeted $55,336.00.


Last year the Town of Atkinson spent all $70,348.00 it budgeted as well as another over budget $369.99 for liability insurance.

So why the sudden drop in liability insurance in a contentious hamlet like Atkinson?

Could it be something like the old Cold War Peace Dividend?

That has to be it.

An Atkinson Peace Dividend, of sorts.

Here is my guess.

Last year, Atkinson did not suffer the personal peccadilloes of the banty rooster now known as former Town Moderator Frank Polito, who mercifully resigned from his perch.

It must have come as a relief to the town’s insurance company that one of the most insufferable public officials in town called it, no mas.

Here is some municipal math.

Back in 2005 liability insurance for Atkinson was only $11,800.00.

In 2006 Atkinson spent $19,233.74 with change to spare from the budget.

Then in 2007 liability insurance for Atkinson hit the $49,598.84 mark with a subtle re-naming of the line item to “Other Insurance.”

And our not so Way-back Machine shows 2010 insurance in the same line item to be $70,717.99.

Ouch! Think of how many Elderly Affairs cruisers the Town could buy and support for the police chief’s vote buying scheme.

In any case, I would venture the departure of one of Atkinson’s biggest liabilities, the former moderator/banty rooster, may have caused a drop in the 2011 budget.

Let’s hope more good things are to come.

Out with the expensive old - in with the affordable new.