OPEC Shmopec, Can They Drink It?

Iranian President Marmaduke Imadinnerkacket has declared himself the head of OPEC.

And I assume this nut will try to bring down the Oil Curtain if he gets a crack at it, and why not? He could rule the world controlling all the oil on the planet.

Great plan for a meglomaniac except the hundred plus years of supply of fossil fuel we have here in our own country.

Could the crazy little guy be doing the US a favor?

Just what would happen if we got really serious about drilling and digging our own reserves here in America?

Who would do such a thing? (Unemployed Americans, under-employed Americans maybe?)

If Amadinnerkacket ran up the price of fossil fuels world wide wouldn’t that make our home reserves even more valuable? I would think it might.

OPEC has tried this stunt before with sane people at the helm who were not staring over their shoulders at restless populations of unemployed young citizens with internet service and a burning desire for a second pair of pants and some real toilet paper once a month.

Yes it may be painful to get into an even larger oil price war with Iran than the one our home grown environmentalists have us paying for now but it may be worth it in the long run.