Better Put Some Ice On That - Then Put It All On Ice

I am having some amount of trouble figuring out what this French Presidential candidate did wrong in New York.

He accused of making an unwanted advance on a woman who was working for the hotel at which he was staying.

Haven’t we seen all this before?

Juanita Broderick, Kathleen Willey, the girl in the hotel who saw the “little president” up close and personal, and don’t forget pizza fetcher brought into the White House for moral support of “The Masher in charge” all are so fresh in our memories.

The story was back then that extra marital affairs are none of our business. Especially if the supposed offender had a compliant spouse who stood buy him.

A leader was often a better leader if he showed a human desire to pluck a maid from the village now and then – in Kennedyesque fashion, without drowning her of course.

So what is the big deal with the French seducer now?

Aren’t we all past that?

When you hand people of low moral character (and that is who applies for these gigs) a world dominating position such as Strauss-Khan or even Gengis-Khan, these things happen.

And now we are getting squeamish about it and arresting elitists for simply being who they are?

Who forgot to write the chick a check or send a team of lawyers into her private life?

Put some ice on it and grow up.

It’s the new normal.