Rahmbo Hero

Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago and Washington DC took the first steps to reign in the out of control Chicago budget.

He is cutting $75 million in proposed spending. And that is the news headline.

Good for Rahm.

You have to dig a bit to get at some more relevant numbers but here goes.

Rahm is a tax and spend liberal Democrat taking over for a tax and spend liberal Democrat who ran Chicago with an iron fist full of other people’s money for 22 years.

Rahm is getting rave reviews as a tough manager for cutting $75 million on his first day.

The city has a $655 million dollar deficit this year. That would mean he has $580 million to go. There are 364 days left in a year so this should be an interesting year in Chicago.

There is no mention of new taxes in these fresh Rahm stories.

But they must come.

How else can you cut $655 million without RAISING $655 million – as a liberal tax and spend Democrat that is.

That is the Barry Soetoro plan for America – cut what you raise and raise a little more.

It must be good for Chicago, a bastion of liberal Democrat leadership if it is good for the US budget.

How long will the press swoon over Rahm?

Will public employees revolt and take over City Hall?

Will the 50 member City Council roll over for Rahm?

Are there any more community organizers left in Chicago?

Ah, it will be fun to watch.