Real Voter Fraud Is Also Lying About It

In a predictable manner Voter Identification has made the news in Mont Vernon during a much anticipated race for an empty House seat.

The Town Clerk put up a sign asking for photo ID before voting – or some such ghastly ploy.

In any case, I read the article until I came upon the endless lie which follows all attempts to reign in voter fraud.

Here it is:

Only ONE case of voter fraud has ever been found in NH.

I testify before legislative committees, do workshops all over the state, and have reported voter fraud for 20 years. And yet this last ditch effort to try to prove Voter ID is unnecessary in NH comes up in every news story and at every event, thanks to the AG’s Office and the Secretary of State.

Here is a fact, one among many, regarding voter fraud in NH:

In 1996 at least 16 non-residents voted in Deerfield NH using 159 Bear Brook Road as their address. I have the original returns to Deerfield from a local citizen who asked for them in 2000 when the purging of the checklist was completed.

At least 16 people gave a false address to election officials because there is and never was a Bear Brook Road in Deerfield.

These voters were actually camping in Suncook if what one of them emailed to me is true.

Voter ID would have made that voter fraud incident much harder to accomplish.

That is a fact. The AG knows it as does the Secretary of State.

But they hold on to the only lie left to them, which is almost the truth.

There is no “voter fraud” in NH because the people in charge do not acknowledge it or prosecute it.