Bi Bi Don't Go

Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is to leave for the US late tonight, a number of hours after Obama delivers his speech regarding the creation of a Palestinian state.

The new Palestinian state will be made up of current portions of Israel and set forever on their border an enemy bent on Israel’s destruction.

PM Netanyahu is scheduled to meet with Obama on Friday morning for an hour.

They are, according to press reports, to hold some sort of press conference.

Warning to Netanyahu, don’t bother being lectured to by Jug Ears!

Skip the brow beating and condescension from our tiny little President and go drum up support for your country from Americans who don’t want to see your countrymen slaughtered.

And skip Billy Bob Clinton while you are at it. His “I would climb out of a ditch with a rifle to defend Israel” statement was a lie.

Hard core liberals in America would watch your country overrun with glee. And from some of what I have read from psychopathic socialists in your own country, so would they.

Never give up strategic land you won in a war when you were attacked.

Never trust the American Left.