NHLGC: New Hampshire's Largest Gubment Cheater

The Local Government Center (appropriately named) has filed a Right to Know request of Secretary of State Bill Gardner hoping to get information regarding an investigation of how they skim proceeds from selling insurance to NH municipalities.

The NH Securities Bureau has been looking into the government created non-profit which has squirreled away over $100 million from its cut of municipal premium payments.

This event triggers several questions:

1. Will Bill Gardner have to actually make a decision?

2. Who is the LGC to ask anyone for public documents through a Right to Know request? They are known for ignoring requests.

3. How much money will LGC spend in legal fees to drag out this investigation? (Can I get a right to know request complied with from LGC?)

4. Is it a coincidence that the alleged skimming of municipal funds began in 2004 around the time the NH Municipal Association transformed itself into the Local Government Center run by school officials instead of town officials?

5. Why in hell was a government-created non-profit holding $100 million in reserves in the first place?

6. How many years of yearly budgets does the LGC have to hold on to – 50?

7. Does it always have to end in tears when the government creates an entity immune from taxpayer control to provide some perceived public good?