The High Court Must Be High

As could be expected, the US Supreme Court ordered California to release thousands of convicted felons to relieve overcrowding and lack of medical care.

This is what liberal justices do. They know deep down inside that most felons are not really bad people. Society has just let them down. If only we could buy them a Starbucks latte have a chat and use those counseling skills.

But this is not a bad thing in the end, as I see it, because there is a limit to what taxpayers and citizens will put up with.

US Supreme Court justices do not get robbed at gunpoint or jumped on their way to a store (Except little Souter who was roughed up by a few teenage boys while he was alone “jogging” in a park – if you believe that. He didn’t press charges.).

Supreme Court judges live in, and most always have, isolation from real people and life as most of us know it.

Well, life in California is not what it used to be. And the end is near for all the liberal tax and spend social experiments that have stained the rest of the country after origination in The Golden State.

California no longer has the money to keep prisoners locked up and will soon be unable to catch them and put them away in the first place, plus

California has shown us how to elect another governor with zero leadership skills.

And why is this good?

California may tell the US Supreme Court to go pound sand because the US Supreme court doesn’t vote in California, Californians vote in California. And California voters who will eventually get sick and tired of released prisoners running amok and will demand safe streets and the arrest and conviction of suspects wanted for felonies - even from their soft on crime liberal politicians.

For some reason, the lefties in the USSC think this is still 1969 and they can re-engineer society from the bench, defending convicted felons from lack of living space and medical care when the people paying for the care have less or none. The money has run out. The borrowing is almost over.

Let the liberals in black robes reign down decrees that are financially impossible to comply with on California’s liberal voters and politicos, we’ll see what it gets them.

As they say, states are often laboratories of whether an idea works. Maybe some court orders are just too stupid to bother complying with.

What will they do – throw them in jail?