Moving Targets

The Republican field of Presidential candidates is getting larger and smaller all the time, hovering at about eight, as far as I can tell.

And that is a good thing for Republicans in the group because demonizing a whole batch of candidates is tougher for the media than one single front runner.

This is almost a Tea Party Primary in as much as its ability to function as a leaderless group.

The longer Republicans can bring up and champion their issues, such as removing government obstacles to job creation, restructuring unaffordable entitlements, and cutting spending – the better off they are. Besides, most people don’t bother looking seriously at candidates until after Labor Day, long after all the political junkies have worn themselves out.

The one Republican candidate immune from and not afraid of media attacks, Governor Palin, is not announcing a run for President any time soon. So it behooves Republican candidates to train their criticism, not on each other, but on ObamaCare, trillions in spending and debt, as well as the new war in Lybia we created since the Nobel Peace Prize winner took office.