Atta Boy George

I’m liking the turndown President Bush dropped on Barry Soetoro regarding a joint 911 appearance in New York.

Seems George has “The Poser” figured out – unlike most politicians in Washington.

President Soetoro has used the opportunity on several occasions to take cheap shots at anyone foolish enough to sit in the audience within earshot of the teleprompter.

Barry belittled the Justices of the US Supreme Court during a State of the Union address while they were stuck in the front seats.

He whacked Congressman Ryan several times and recently “The Donald” had a taste of President Soetors’s pettiness at some event Trump should have declined.

One thing is for sure about this nasty, petty, self-important, incompetent.

If anyone ever gets a chance to do a similar job on him in public, with the cameras rolling, Soetoro would have a conniption fit.

Masters of public putdowns rarely see the humor on the flip side.