In A Perfect Primary

I didn’t have time to watch the Republican Presidential debate the other night because I was busy and because I don’t watch CNN.

But I have heard and read some of the advice and criticism leveled by progressives and media know-it-all’s.

The liberals are pointing out how in a real debate candidates go after each other like a pack of wolves.

Two points:

This weren’t no real debate moonbats!

This was how candidates who have one over-arching goal behave. The seven Republicans are hearing from their constituents and are taking aim at one person in particular and that is Barry Soetoro.

Besides, who are liberals to tell Republicans, or any party, how to act in an almost debate format run by an opponent?

The Democrat Party has in its possession the single worst president in American history, bar none, and can’t find a single soul among their herd brave enough to admit it, let alone primary the loser.

Run along moonbats – nothing to see here for you.

But there is hope!

As the process moves along I see there is a person who has a fever to run for President and an ego which can never be satisfied. He has nothing but contempt for Republicans and never passes up the slightest chance to scold them for any infraction.

He is fearless in verbal combat and has nothing political to lose.

Why in the world doesn't The Donald register as a Democrat and primary Barry!

Think of the publicity.

Spank Republicans, beat up on the hapless, crowd-losing President, deliver some pay-back for the birth certificate fiasco, and look like genius when it turns out the newest version of the certificate was fake.

Run, Democrat Donald, Run!

Show them moonbats how a real primary works.