Democrat Family Values

I have to say I am saddened by Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner’s resignation. The loss of such a living punch line is tough to take.

But learning from his mistakes is still an option – for us common folk.

His supporters, the news media and liberals, say he could have survived if only he had been honest as soon as he was caught. And isn’t that a sad statement on our government as it has devolved so quickly since Bill Clinton brought oral sex with an underling into the White House and made it acceptable?

If only Democrat Congressman Weiner had been honest about the naked photos sent from the House gym and the contact with the porn star, his pals would have supported him. It was the lying that did him in, so the story goes.

Democrat President Bill Clinton didn’t lie about sexually assaulting Juanita Broderick, or showing a live tweet of his Weiner to Paula Jones in a hotel room, or ever knowing a Jennifer Flowers, who had him recorded on her answering machine telling her to keep quiet and no one could prove anything. No, they were not lies.

And when the sexual abuse of women pattern repeated itself several times after he was actually elected President, most memorialy with a White House page he dominated - in the White House - on our taxpayer dime, that wasn’t lying. Bill even held a press conference to deny it happened – again.

No, there was no lying on Bill Clinton’s part.

But Anthony Weiner (D, NY) WAS lying when he held HIS press conference. And as progressive politics in America go, Weiner has to do the right thing and resign, which is big of him, almost heroic.

When it comes to progressive or liberal definitions of actions such as “lying” it is almost as difficult to understand as the word “is” can be.


Here is the real story.

Weiner is a hard core, extreme partisan Democrat who was tasked with getting in the face of Republicans in any shameless fashion he could get away with. And he had one single message – tax and spend and re-elect Democrats. This = socialism.

His actions got in the way of the message close to an important election and he was replaceable.

Bill Clinton is a hard core, extreme partisan Democrat who could be counted on by liberals to do and say anything to accomplish their goals. Clinton was not replaceable and he had liberals by the short hairs when he was found to be, and continued to be, a liar and an abuser of women, so they circled the wagons to defend him no matter what he did, no matter what it took.

If Democrat Weiner was President instead of a lowly Congressman this would have all blown over by now and Huma would be Secretary of State.