Disfunctional And Proud Of It

Buried in the Lawrence Eagle Tribune:


The part-time chief and full-time thug who runs the Atkinson Police Department has a problem on his hands – not enough good officers. (Ya think!)

They are leaving for other towns - or simply leaving.

Now it could be that the upcoming $5000.00 study by Municipal Resources Inc., a NH company that does such things, may have something to do with the abandonment of Atkinson by the veteran officers, maybe not.

But you do have to wonder.

Did the Selectmen hire MRI to find new officers outside the creepy grip of the thug?

Are the Atkinson Selectmen finally fed up with Chief Bozo Consentino and the endless humiliations and lawsuits he drags along his scent trail? I don’t think they are men enough for that.

On second thought, they ARE having someone else (MRI) do the dirty work – Hmmm.

As I read the Trib article it looks like the Thug didn’t have a say in the police review by MRI – just as the Thug didn’t have a say in legalizing his Elderly Affairs Vote Buying Department when the AG’s Office of Charitable Trust stepped in two years ago and made him set up a legal non-profit, the one he runs with taxpayer money.

Notice the Thug quote:

"More and more people are getting ticked off with the way things are going and Detective Farrar, my second in command, has put in his letter of resignation,"

That is code for: “I got plenty of votes from the elderly I drive around in old Atkinson police cruisers, so watch out.”

What a recipe of disaster this bedroom community is. They have a thug for a part time police chief, can’t keep town administrators, they elect cowards for selectmen, and flaunt a bottomless checkbook open to any attorneys or businesses who claim they can bail them out of each inevitable and preventable disaster in which they step.

As for the Lawrence Eagle Tribune:

Two years ago I sat in the Atkinson Deliberative Session behind the LET print reporter and watched him applaud every idiotic statement the Thug made.

Shows you how the Bozo Consentino gets away with it. It is in the end, a numbers game. Some municipalities just plain do not have enough good people to run a Democracy but do have enough scam artists who will use municipal positions for personal gain or ego stroking.