Chris Wallace - Are You A FAKE?

Everyone knows Fox News interviewer Chris Wallace is trying to make a name for himself – and keep up with the main stream media in general.

So this nepotistic wanna-be uses his interviews as a stage to showcase - Chris Wallace.

Here is how simple and sad he is:

He asks, in what is billed as a serious interview, Congresswoman Michelle Bachman if she is a “flake.”

This question is right out of the left wing media playbook put together to objectify and belittle Congresswoman Bachman who is next in line for such treatment after Governor Palin.

In short, “are you a flake” is a Chris Matthews question - minus the spittle.

HARDBALL is a liberal cable network entertainment presentation cobbled together at little expense and even less viewer-ship, to calm progressives and make them feel all mainstream.

So am I to take away from Chris Wallace on Fox News that if Cong. Bachman is savvy enough to stay away from Chris Matthews, Chris Wallace will do the dirty work?

It looks that way to me.

Chris Wallace is his daddy’s son all right – a lib tool.