Someday We Will Have Clean Elections In NH - In Spite Of Governor Lynch

Governor Lynch did what his liberal handlers wanted him to do and he vetoed Voter I.D.

He claims voters would be disenfranchised by having to go retrieve identification if they didn’t have it on their first stop at a NH polling station.

I guess it could inconvenience a voter who had to go three states away to get identification from the state in which they are domiciled.

Lynch will never be able to name a single person disenfranchised by this Voter I.D. bill but I can name a few examples of out-of-state voters who have taken advantage of our weak system.

In 2000, The Coalition of NH Taxpayers embarked on a quest to document voter fraud in all its various forms. We now have plenty of it.

Lucky for us in 2000 the voter checklists had just been purged and we were handed this example of non-resident voting in the Town of Deerfield.

Returned envelopes of purged registered voters in Deerfield included these names:

Nichole L. Siegrist of 159 Bear Brook Rd. Deerfield NH 03037

Elizabeth A. Buck of 159 Bear Brook Rd. Deerfield NH 03037

Sean Kullman of 159 Bear Brook Rd. Deerfield NH 03037

Rebecca Saba 159 Bear Brook Rd. Deerfield NH 03037

Tammy M. Mercier Bear Brook Rd. Deerfield NH 03037

Nathaniel R. Lengacher 159 Bear Brook Rd. Deerfield NH 03037

Farlin J. Black 159 Bear Brook Rd. Deerfield NH 03037

Nicholas B. Peterson 159 Bear Brook Rd. Deerfield NH 03037

And the list goes on to over a dozen voters from 159 Bear Brook Rd. in a previous presidential election year.

There is no Bear Brook Rd. in Deerfield.

There never was.

There is no 159 address on Bear Brook Rd.

There never was.

These voters were transient volunteers with some liberal organization similar to ACORN who were bussed to the polls in Deerfiled.

People like this show up in our state in droves to work on campaigns every election cycle. Just like South Dakota resident Geoff Wetrosky, who claimed the Democrat Party Chair’s home in Manchester to vote in NH.

The reason they are NEVER prosecuted is twofold.

One reason is our Attorney General’s Office has a habit of not prosecution election law violations. I believe that will not change even with this new law until we see a major change in that department.

The second reason became apparent during the 2001 Joint Legislative Committee investigation into voter fraud where Supervisors of the Checklist from several municipalities testified that they had attempted to turn non-resident voters in to the authorities only to rebuffed so many times they gave up.

So name me a single disenfranchised voter who actually is domiciled in NH before you cry about voter rights Mr. Lynch.