The Friendly Skys

Grandma has her depends undergarment searched by TSA (Terminally Standing Around) personnel and a Nigerian man with expired boarding passes belonging to others is found to have been on several flights in the United States and is not considered to be a threat?

I know the story is AP but some of it might be true.

The Nigerian was also carrying an expired University of Michigan ID. (Oh, he can vote in New Hampshire because he is a student!)

The FBI wasn’t all that interested in Mr. Unpronounceable at first, but did anyone think he may be testing weak points in our airline security system, such as useless TSA agents and lazy FBI agents?

Better to scope out a few elderly undergarments than really figure out what a Nigerian citizen is doing getting on and off US flights with stolen and expired documents.

As I have mentioned before, my wife is a stewardess who only flies international, as with the flight attendant in this story, she actually keeps tabs on who is in what seat and if they belong there.

But no flight attendant can stop the TSA from letting the wrong people on a flight.

Maybe beefing up security should be left to the airline employees who have to ride in the plane with Nigerian “customers” passing fake documents - just a thought.