Not One?

When the national dialogue finally turns from Congressman Weiner (D, Oscar Mayer) back to how unsatisfied with any candidate in the Republican Primary the Republican Establishment is, maybe we can start a new national dialogue – one that makes sense.

How about this:

What clear thinking Democrat is going to run against President Barry Soetoro in the Democrat Primary?

Barry has set in motion a complete collapse of our economy in order to establish a more European Socialist, top down government economy and cradle to grave entitlement bonanza.

Mr. Soetoro has entered new wars in countries such as Pakistan and Libya.

And Barry has borrowed more money than US taxpayers can ever repay.

But not one single Democrat has the guts, foresight, or love of country to oppose him in a primary.

How low has the Democrat party sunk?

Or should I say, how much control do American Socialists and Soros money have over the once sane Democrat Party?