Hit The Road

New Hampshire native and liberal Democrat Mikey Brunelle leaves New Hampshire for Pennsylvania and because it is a story about Democrats no one draws the obvious link?

It appears the NH Democrat Party has some internal problems.

Any time any one leaves the Republican Party all the green eyeshades gather and predict the end of the NH GOP.

The NH Democrat Party is a very elite and very small group of hard core leftists. Losing a core insider has to mean something is falling apart or some nose is out of joint.

This Brunelle character is going to Pa. for a cushy union gig – so the story goes.

News flash! They play hardball down there. It is a big state, unlike the little playpen Brunelle is used to.

Why pick a guy tied to the biggest liberal loss in NH’s history?

If the Pennsylvania SEIU needs some twerp from New Hampshire more than one of their own guys from one of the many cities in that state, then they must be in tough shape.

I’m not buying this greener pastures nonsense.