Maybe A New Gun Cabinet!

With President Barry Sowetoro’s new Executive Order mandating private information on citizen purchases of legal firearms be squirreled away in a secret government data bank, I am forced into a corner.

What should I do?

For a long time I sat by and watched the Second Amendment get trampled on by leftists and other bed wetters, thinking I had no recourse but to contact elected officials and join a gun group like ProGun NH, for instance.

But I found a more self gratifying way to keep up with gun control.

I just act like it is my birthday and I go out and buy some new firearms or ammo.

A simple solution every gun owner should employ.

Imagine watching gun and ammo related stocks soar after a proposal for gun control.

So what to do, what to do, President Barry is worried about civilian weapons getting into the hands of Mexican drug cartels – instead of US Government guns being sold to the same Mexican drug cartels, as his administration was caught doing recently.

Should I get myself some new high-powered rifle with a detachable magazine? I already bought a full blown assault rifle and a box full of high capacity magazines when that bill passed under Clinton.

Or should I just stock up on ammo now that price is a tad lower?

Unconstitutional gun laws always put me in this predicament.