All The News That's Fit, Fair, and Balanced

For some reason, The News of the World newspaper in England is the focal point of a lot of news coverage.

Phone hacking by NOTW reporters to get dirt for stories is the purported reason for the feigned public outrage – paybacks by political hacks against a conservative paper is the real reason.

I think Rupert Murdock is winning this round by shutting down his NOTW paper and thereby losing less than 1% of his news business.

Today, Murdock was being cross examined in a kangaroo court hearing consisting of some lesser committee of the British Parliament. They were clearly not up to the task of dismembering Rupert and his son with withering questions about their personal knowledge of the illegal phone tapping.

Even the hapless pie thrower who in a fit of "diaper full of rage" activism was subdued by Rupert Murdock’s wife (hot) who fed the bed wetter his own pie.

This brings up the question:

How did Mr. Pie Thrower get so close to Mr. Murdock?

Come on, this isn’t some bus stop or laundromat queue, it was a hearing regarding the possible political/criminal termination of one of Planet Earth’s most hated conservative media giants – and this schmuck gets pie within pie throwing range?

I’m not going to believe this one. Everyone knows everyone in a power game this important.

Then I saw a Bobbie tenderly wiping the pie off the pant-load like he was working in a hospice for lib-tards who failed at life and pie throwing.

Murdock ought to set a few reporters on a "Who knew the pie thrower and who let him in" quest.

While we are on the subject of phone hacking and espionage for political purposes:

No one cared about Newt Gingrich being followed by Democrat activists and having his phone conversations recorded and handed off to another US Congressman - a Socialist Congressman.

Two of Senator Chuck Schumer’s former I.T. people hacked in the last National Republican Chairman’s personal credit card accounts and that made almost no news.

Linda Tripp had Clinton Bimbo Investigators stalk her and all of her personal records for public consumption as they did with most of Clinton’s sexual transgressions and assaults.

Joe the Plumber was set upon by government employees who outed his private records. No big deal.

Hell, I ran for a stupid position as Selectman here in Deering NH and had my mail tampered with by Hillsboro postal employees then covered up by Manchester postal employees.

But Murdock employees are suddenly breaking new ground?

Liberals all over the world are salivating at the chance to end the Murdock Media Empire as they watch their socialist dreams and fortunes wash away in the reddest of ink known to man they have created over the last several decades.

Sorry to say, the fact is that the economies of countries all over the world built on borrowing and "entitlements for votes" are collapsing, as is ours, and it is going to be reported to the public by Murdock or one of his kin.

Get used to it.