The Gang of Six: Who They Ain't

The “Gang of Six” is missing several players!

How’s about a guess who should be listed with the Republican traitors?

Let’s see. Number one:

Good old Republican liberal Mike Castle of Delaware should certainly be part of the elite gang turning our economy over to President Barry Sowetoro.

But his liberal ass lost in a primary – haaaaaaaaaa!

I loved that election.

But please don’t forget our old liberal pal, Republican Bob Bennett of Utah – out with the trash in a primary. Sweeeeet!

Certainly if these two gentlemen had just won fresh six year Senate seats they would be double dealing with the socialists.

Three of these six are running as Republicans and kow-towing to their Master. Why?

Because these deals trading new taxes for budget cuts never work except for the new taxes part.

RINO Senators Crapo, Chambliss and Coburn need to be turned out as soon as possible until the next “Gang of Tax and Spenders” includes only liberal Democrats.

Oh, I bet Bennett and Castle are pining for the days they could cut bad deals with liberal Dems.