Another Liberal Weiner In The Wrong Place

I really don’t give a second thought to the debt ceiling faux crisis. We have a spending and borrowing crisis that is already past any ability to stop without some real pain, such as no ability to borrow to buy votes.

So let’s see who helped spend us where we are today. Only relevant newsworthy targets are part of this jab.

Feeling bored with the back room deals in Washington I looked up a fella   who haunted New Hampshire many times in his sky rocket career - John Edwards.

What the heck is he up to?

Just the other day he was notified by the Federal Elections Committee that he will probably have to pay back some $2.3 million in federal matching funds he has been holding onto since his most recent race as Democrat Candidate for President of the United States.

He is also in the midst of trying to find some way out of his indictment for election law violations and fraud – six felony counts from North Carolina which could get him 30 years doing laundry for his cell mate.

Just the other day his money honey, 101 year old Bunny Mellon, stated that she thought he would have made an excellent president if all this trouble had not happened.

The once friend lawyer Edwards had take temporary credit for knocking up, Andrew Young, claims Bunny would put checks to Edwards in boxes of chocolate. How tabloid friendly is that! Once Johnny boy was a Democrat candidate for V.P., now a potential candidate for free prison haircuts.

This is all in the news right now if you look beyond the phony credit ceiling crisis.

And Anthony Weiner is doing all right, even going out for dinner with his wife – in public. All is almost forgotten.

And then along comes Oregon Congressman David Wu and an accusation, given to The Oregonian, of an unwanted, “aggressive sexual encounter” last year against the 18 year old daughter of a campaign donor. (Why is it always part of the political family?)

If, for instance, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann’s husband did anything remotely sexual to a young lady it would be called rape. Interestingly, Mr. Bachmann’s is on the short list for character assassination by the homosexual lobby right now for helping willing people change their lifestyle – a much greater crime than what Congressman Wu is facing.

Back to Congressman Wu and his Weiner problem:

An “aggressive sexual encounter” is different than having a Republican Senator having a “wide stance” in a bathroom stall or suggestive sexual emails from a Florida Congressman to male staffers. So where is all the super hot, election altering media coverage?

The media must be busy covering the endless lies and spin about the unstoppable death rattle of the US economy.

Maybe they expect the Wu team to get the situation under control and out of the news with his promised resignation, pre-investigation.

Or is it just that the perpetrators in these most recent scandals are not Republicans?