It’s Lonely At The Flop

The “Man From Nowhere,” our Dear Leader Barry Sowetoro, is having a time of it getting Republicans to bow down any lower than they have since his coronation by the press.

Funny how a political phenomenon such as the headless, leaderless, out of nowhere Tea Party has taken on, and is in the process of neutering, the President from nowhere.

Poor Barry, he has no family to speak of –or make that one he wants to speak of, except the wife and kids.

President Sowetoro has no past to speak of either.

No college friends, no former business partners - not in jail.

Barry has no history which can be plumbed for experience in dealing with real life business and economic issues – the ones hanging over his teleprompter right now.

Mr. President doesn’t even have (yuck) a “religious leader” or mentor he can count on or talk to.

The President from nowhere is without a clue, a plan, a history, a family, friends who are no acolyte/ass kissers, or a minister. He is alone with his Harvard/Oxford socialist education where repeating the dogma is equated with being intelligent and thinking for oneself.

He is alone in the world except for the US main stream, socialist media and some of Hollywood’s human antidepressant sponges.

And when you are the savior of the Democrat Party’s elite limousine liberals and long-serving, groveling Republicans in Congress are no longer afraid of you – man its time for a gut check.

Over his short life span this Democrat President has been handed almost everything he has. And now even the “I hate Bush voters” are becoming worried he isn’t up to the task of delivering HOPE.

A few weeks ago I was wondering in this blog if there wasn’t one single Democrat willing to primary this poser – there ain’t

Apparently the Socialist Vt. US Senator Barry (NY) Sanders may do it for all the wrong reasons.

I predict that the mysterious past of President Barry will be an interesting read when, after he is kicked to the curb in 2012, and no one is afraid of him any longer, all his old pals will want to have fifteen minutes of fame telling tales of community organizing, drugs, and different aliases.

He has defaulted on leadership because he never had any.