Reasonable Doubd?

The verdict is in and apparently the jury wants a bit more of its fifteen minutes of fame.

I must confess surprise about the not guilty finding until I heard the jury foreman read one charge, “aggravated abuse of a chilt” yep, aggravated abuse of a chilt.

Long ago I became suspicious of people who put the letter “t” behind certain words that end in the letter “d” but no "d" where there is a "t."

I have come to the conclusion that it is a desire of the mispronouncer to signal that he or she needs attention and wants to fit in with a certain crowd – the with it, semi-educated one.

World is “worlt.”

Gold is “golt.”

And child is always pronounced “CHILT.”

The jury foreman said a lot to me with the pretentious little trick. It appears there were too many bed-wetters on the jury who wanted to look thoughtful and liberal.

Then I looked up the jury foreman on Google – she is a teacher.

That explains a lot.

While I am on the subject of amateur psychology:

I don’t trust women who wear those huge white bows on the back of their hair, it says “look at ME, I’m the baby.”

Pam Smart wore bows like that.


Casey Anthony will come up pregnant rather soon, as icing on the cake. That will teach her parents just who’s is in charge in that family – or rather, pack of wolves.