Frank Guinta's Town Hall Meeting

I went to Congressman Frank Guinta’s Hooksett Town Meeting last week then read about it in the dead tree media.

The one I was at had the Congressman explaining his votes on the budget cap scam to a relatively large crowd packed in the library.

I did not know (Is it proper for a blogger to admit not knowing something?) that Speaker John Boehnor implemented new rules that allow a freshman such as NH Congressman Guinta to write legislation and that our Congressman was part of the team that sponsored Cut Cap and Balance.

Their was a brief time for questions and for some reason the Guinta team did not filter the moonbats out of the list of people allowed to participate so the crowd had to grumble/boo down the nitwits who wanted Congressman Guinta to promise to outlaw coal and reverse several “Democrat talking point cuts” to entitlements Guinta and the Republican House members did not, in fact, make.

So little time – so many moonbats.

Did you know that one Town Hall moonbat was the single discoverer of acid rain, who when he lived in Cambridge Ma., climbed smokestacks to test for toxic chemicals? Yep, he was there in person right behind me.

And another completely disabled and unable to work professional moonbat was very, very, very, upset with Cong. Guinta for not cutting Pell Grants because he wanted to give him a piece of his mind for doing so - if he had.

This once-upon-a-time sheet metal worker was also beside himself with Congressman Guinta for cutting Social Security – which was never cut nor touched in the debt deal.

On the other hand, most of us who care about the bankrupting of America would like to see cuts in, or elimination of, Pell Grants, real cuts in government growth, and reigning in of any entitlement – but moonbats took up most of the evening.

The pulp fiction media played the Cong. Guinta Town Hall event as the public giving Guinta a good going over.

In fact, the Congressman was overly gracious to barely informed activists who showed up spouting pre-ignited righteous indignation for self-gratification.

I did have a conversation or two with Ron Paul supporters who were upset with Congressman Guinta.

But you have to ask: If Ron Paul has been in Washington for so many years, how come he hasn’t changed things? Could it be that Ron Paul is only one guy?

Or has the message of smaller, Constitutional government, the Ron Paul message, finally caught on after all these years and trillions of dollars of unmanageable debt.

Isn’t “Cut Cap and Balance” the same message in a different form?

If the freshman congressmen who are actually trying to pull off cutting Washington’s excess actually win, who gets credit?