The Walkinator Lives

You may not have noticed an election just occurred in Wisconsin Tuesday but it was a barn burner. The press isn’t playing it up much. Seems it is in line with our little war in Libya – who cares.

I was watching the progressive victory party on MSNBC as the recall vote tallies trickled in. The Left and unions had their sights set on State Senator Alberta Darling and some $15 million was spent to unseat her as well as any two other state senators who supported Governor Walker’s budget balancing. And for a brief time, as the city votes came in, liberals had a lot to scream about.

Darling was an architect of the new balanced budget the unions hate so much.

The socialists needed three seats to gain control of the senate and begin the re-bankrupting of Wisconsin. They picked off two Republicans who won recently in close elections but Darling won with 52% of the vote Tuesday so they still do not control the Senate. God bless rural Wisconsin.

But the Losing Left feels vindicated and energized! So they say.

Good! There is more to come nationwide if you call this a win.

Next, the liberals, socialists, and moonbats who pull the Democrat Party strings in Wisconsin should go after Governor Walker, since they are on a roll, and collect the signatures needed for his re-call. That should be a snap.

Why not get signatures for another re-call election temper tantrum and try to oust Senator Darling again? Taxpayers would be glad to see your shining faces at their doors!

It might be a bit tougher to collect signatures and politic now with most of their foot soldiers stuck back in classrooms.

By the way, the Republicans who “hung on” won with 58% - 42% margins after bring subjected to re-call votes for doing what they promised in the last election.

Let this not be a lesson for the moonbats.