Suffer The Little Children

More often than not the local newspapers in your average NH town favor anything the school industry does “for the children.”

The Bedford Bulletin is one of the finest examples of a tax-and-spend acolyte of Big Education.

Here is how they explain the Bedford School Board’s recent fiscal activity:


“Facing what is sure to be a lean state budget, the School Board on Monday began the process of chipping more than $1.1 million out of its own 2011-12 budget.”


“To cope with expected cost-shifting from Concord, the board began making budget adjustments on Monday, June 27.”


Gently, the Bedford Bulletin describes how the Bedford School Board is “chipping,” dealing with “cost shifting,” and “adjusting” $1 million dollars out of their new budget.

Oh how sophisticated!

Pardon me if I remember howls of protest and predictions of attacked children if a taxpayer tried to cut an insignificant figure from a school wish list at a School District Meeting.

What happed to the old descriptions of “chipping” a budget such as SLASHED, GUTTED, DESTROYED, RUINED, NARROW-MINDED, VENDETTA, PUTS CHILDREN AT RISK?  (All in two inch type above the fold.)

How can the Bedford Schools survive a ONE MILLION DOLLAR CUT to the poor children?

How is it possible to pull that off without destroying the future of our kids?

Well if anyone can cut education to the bone I guess it is the Bedford School Board.

They simply have to now because they have taxed most residents out of their homes.

You can’t give $67 million dollars in bricks and mortar back to the contractors.

Can you?

You can't "chip" a $67 million dollar building.

It's awful hard to "shift" cement and asphalt.

Imagine what it would cost to have an architect "adjust" the over-priced monoliths.

No, the children must pay for all the chipping, shifting, and adjusting.

That's how the game is played.