College Voting In NH, Part One

Now here is a voter fraud conversation New Hampshire residents need to have, thank you Democrat Party Chairman Ray Buckley for asking that it be brought up by the NH Attorney General’s Office. And thank you to the union official from Mont Vernon who made the complaint against Speaker O’Brien’s wife, an election official in that town.

Here is what I have been waiting for.

Democrats and union activists are up in arms about Republican Speaker Bill O’Brien’s college student son voting in two different states in a very short period of time.

It is not surprising that any college student would take advantage of their ability to make the most of their vote as a college student because the Democrat Party and the Sierra Club plaster NH colleges with posters and information urging them to do so.

Most colleges have professors who urge students to vote where their vote counts the most. I call them con artist recruiters who prey on the young.

In Durham they even put a sticker on each voter which lets recruiters and get out the vote activists know from a distance which student has not voted so they can be approached and urged to get to the polls or hitch a ride on the caravan of Democrat sponsored shuttles.

Now pay attention.

The complaint of voter fraud – or sloppy officiating, is specific to Mrs. Republican Speaker of the House because attempting to charge a student with voter fraud gets sticky for Democrats who have spent the last few years eradicating, by statute, any means of determining who is voting in New Hampshire in an effort to make non-resident voteing effortless.

In one article I read by the most uninterested in voter fraud reporter I know of, until now, Kevin Landrigan, he states:

“It’s not against the law to be registered in more than one place as long as you disclose where you last signed up to vote. Brendan O’Brien did that when he registered in Lewiston, Maine, officials there said.”

Notice how Maine officials are quoted as to where Brendan O’Brien last voted?

Here in New Hampshire, Democrat legislation a few years ago made that information secret. It is now redacted from a voter registration card along with the voter’s age and almost any information to tell who the voter is.

In the good old days one could ask for a voter registration card of a college student and see from whence they came. That is what I used to do – wholesale.

If you go to any college town where the non-resident students are herded to the polls by the Democrat Party, unions, and the Sierra Club, it is a simple matter to pick up the local police logs and match the names of the recently arrested individuals from out of state in a likely age bracket with the voter check list. The average is about 10% from my samples over ten years of doing this.

You could, until the information was eliminated from public view by Democrat legislation, check to see if the original address of the “voter” matched the recent out of state driver’s license given to police upon arrest.

It goes like this:

Ah, Joshua was just arrested for internal possession in May of 2007 and gave a Cherry Hill, NJ address to cops, he registered same day and voted in November 2006 and put down last address as Cherry Hill, NJ as last address.

Then you would have some tangible evidence of a non-resident voter - one of thousands here in NH.

What the Democrats are alleging in vague complaints about Speaker O’Brien’s son and wife so far is lacking in tangible evidence but is rife with Democrat standard operating procedure when it benefits their candidates.