Rumpswabs and Smilers

I picked up a Concord Monitor today at the Corner Store. It had smiling people on the cover. Oh what could that be about?

Silly me, it was about racism in Concord. It seems someone vandalized a home some African immigrants live in.

When I saw the smiles I thought it must be some new gubnatorial candiates for the Democrat Party. After all, how many smiling photos of John Lynch have we suffered for so long?

Governor Lynch empties a sap bucket, cuts a ribbon, wears a rain slicker, pats a child's heads, helps an old lady across the street, rescues puppies from a brush chipper, hand out grants, etc, etc, etc.

And did you know the governor's middle name in the Monitor and the Manchester Paper is "Popular"?

So forgive me if the smiling photos of the current AG and some assistants with victims of racism fooled me into thinking it was a subtle campaign announcement for governor.

It worked so well for a past leaderless leader.