Ever Notice How Much "News" Is Polls or Studies

The AP has been floating this gem.

"New Hampshire is in danger of losing young families" says a study.

Peter Francese, a Director of the New England Economic Partnership, says all growth in our state was among baby boomers and retirees.

Ya don't say!

Could it be because we zone and conservation exempt our towns to exclude affordable property?

I mean, that is what we do on purpose in a relentless fashion in town after town. And now we act like it was an accident?

In Hollis several years ago the voters passed a guilt warrant (wink, wink) of several thousand dollars to find out why poor people don't live there. There now, everything is all better now that it looks like we care.

Peter Francese is a professional demographer and doesn't know what ethnic cleansing by zoning is?

I think not.

But you will find this phony AP story in progressive pulp rag after progressive pulp rag.

Now let's read some political polls.