Justice Is Served

More from the Concord Monitor I picked up on a whim.

On the Local and State page you will find two comparisons of NH justice.

The convicted UNH professor of German who showed his schnitzel to a mom and daughter will remain a professor at the university, I assume near young ladies? But he will have a different job description such as "research". (On the internet?)

The good offices of the school could find no way to determine that the German professor was in any way a threat to students or staff - with his staff? (sorry)

But a man from Gilmanton with no criminal history will not be allowed to bow hunt until he is found guilty of touching a girl under the age of 13 in a trial set for October.

The good offices of the Belknap Superior Court finds that he may be a threat to the victim while he is out in the woods with a bow even though he is to have no contact with the victim or any other young people, which means he may not visit the German professor at UNH.