It Is DEBATABLE If They Have Any Brains

I have not watched any Republican debates because they are not real debates and because the media spin after the debate is mostly what is perceived as what actually happened in the debate. So why bother.

I did notice that most of what has been talked about regarding the debates is if a certain frontrunner “looks presidential” as opposed to the other “frontrunner.”

From what I gather, the debates are set up by the moderator and questioners to explore the weak points of each Republican candidate, which each candidate eagerly engages in. Newt briefly picked up on this.

While Romney and Perry book review each other to death President Barry Sowetoro is out talking about jobs and raising campaign cash.

Voters want to hear about how the economy is going to be fixed, when the unemployment rate will drop and jobs will appear.

But the Republican debates plug along exploring the death penalty, whether a woman should submit to her husband, how Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and dueling book reviews.

One candidate has actually developed an economic plan, can explain it in simple terms and is a fresh face – Herman Cain.

He just "unexpectedly" jumped in the never ending polls.

I’m shocked.