Step Right Up

Here are some givens about Republican primaries for president.


1. The Media tries, and for the most part, does, pick the most left leaning contender (from either Party).


2. The Republican Establishment tries to help the Media pick the most left leaning Republican contender.


3. If there is only one candidate who fits the standard Republican Establishment/Media candidate formula he is called “The Frontrunner.”


4. Conservative Republicans cry foul if there is no conservative “frontrunner.”


5. If by some stroke of luck there is one or more true conservative candidates in a Republican primary the same people who longed for one say, “Oh but he or she can’t win.”


6. During rigged debates, most Republican candidates get off message as soon as possible – and stay there.


7. Conservative Republicans who stay on message and are not afraid of Media slander and attacks – win.