The Communitarians Of Hollis Party Down

Hollis, NH had an Old Home Day back on Sept 15-17 where everyone from Hollis was invited for a rousing “community” event. Many towns have a small, dedicated group of people who run these types of events.

Here is the information, lifted from their own web site, if you feel the need to become a vendor and have a booth at the Hollis Old Home Days:

Vendor Information

- Booth spaces are 10’x10’

- $75 per space ($20 for a fundraising non-profit)

- In order to avoid duplication, please be specific on your application when describing items you intend to sell

- Payment must be received by 9/1/11

- Please consider making a donation toward the cost of our fireworks display

- Bring your own tent/table/chairs

- Electricity is available in limited supply ($40 fee will apply)

- Small, quiet generators are permitted/encouraged

- Please plan to arrive by 9 am on Saturday morning

- Vehicles must be off the field by 10:00 am

- Friday evening participants should plan on a start time of 5 pm; the dance will end at 10:30 and a police detail will clear the field promptly

- Depot Road will be closed on Saturday from 10:15 am until approximately noon for the Old Home Day parade, and again at 8:00 pm for the fireworks display

- Concessions may remain open until 8:00 pm; however, you may leave the event any time after 5:00 pm.

Oh, I forgot something!

The Vendor Information list for the community friendly Hollis Old Home Days event forgot to mention that the local community oriented taxpayer group would not be allowed to have a booth - looks like it is a liberal Hollis Old Home Days event. That makes it a "Hollis Yuppie Snob Old Home Days" exclusive event.

After all, it is Hollis where the socially aware set tramples on anyone who doesn’t meet their high standards.

Here is a piece from the local liberal paper, The Milford Cabinet:

Kat McGhee, the Old Home Days chairwoman, said activities are geared toward all ages and a variety of interests.

But she also has a favorite part.

“My favorite part of the event is seeing all ages, people coming out together,” she said. “Friday night, it’s all about the teenagers. On Saturday, it’s everybody, the PTA, the women’s club, senior citizens, and babies in carriages.”

Oh, and the schedule for the exclusive “Hollis Yuppie Snob Days”, as I like to expose them as, is posted on the Town web site, the event is on town property and the streets are shut down for the Yuppie parade.

The schedule features all the current Yuppie snob favorites and politically correct events.

Rock climbing - (Is that still vogue, I thought tree-top cable riding was “in” now?)

Yoga – (How could you have a town event in a place like Hollis without Yoga?)

Local Authors – (As long as no taxpayer group friendly Hollis residents have written something which might offend.)

Horseback Riding – (Ooops, I meant Equestrians.)

Happy Hollis Hookers – (Rugs.)

More Yoga! – (Who are they, The Happy Hollis Windbreakers?)

Hot Air Balloon Rides – (Tethered and still $200 bucks??)

A Huge Taxpayer Group Free Zone!!!! (How could a no sandals without socks event be any better.)

Even More Yoga – (Hope they stayed away from the baked beans.)

And of course the grand finale – no money this year from the Hollis Selectmen for fireworks!!!  (Yippee.)

Congratulations to the Selectmen!