Don't Look Back Jack

Some encouragement for Jack Kimble – you haven’t lost anything.

The chairmanship of the Republican Party in this political environment isn’t worth a warm bucket of spit, or any other body fluid for that matter. How many “Independents” are there by the way???

The Democrat Party has leadership chosen from among the most destructive and unhinged Alinskyites money can buy.

The Republican Party leadership is what it is and has dwindled to an almost irrelevant state.

Look at it this way:

The jackass is the symbol of the Democrat Party and the elephant of the Republicans.

As a leader in the NH Tea Party your symbol is the average American voter and taxpayer who has had enough of regulation and taxation for regulation and taxation’s sake.

This country is headed for an historic correction from the failed tax and spend policies of both parties. You are in a perfect position to be part of that movement. The Republican Party Chairmanship was only a distraction.

Over 70% of voters in this country want limited government and a cut in government spending. That is your goal.

Don’t look back at the partisan nonsense and inter-party jealousy and bickering. There are bigger fish to fry.