The polls will be right again!!

Just as in Iowa where Santorum was a fringe candidate out in the boondocks shaking hands, the last minute "surge" in his numbers observed by the polling industry matched the results dead on. It had nothing to do with meeting a candidate, it was that last minute decision by the voters.

Everyone knew all along Santorum would pretty much tie Romney. Didn't we?

And in other polling:

Voters will overwhelmingly say they hate negative ads as well and the candidate who uses them. Then they will overwhelmingly vote against anyone being bashed into oblivion with negative ads and forgive the guy who went negative. So we "surge" on the negative ads at the last minute? Yea, that's it.

Margin of error on that poll 0%.

Another prediction:

Independent voters, the morons who brought us Obama, will be selecting the next Republican candidate for president here in New Hampshire - home of the nation's biggest primary scam. Apparently Independent voters are not smart enough to find an Independent candidate who holds the same scatter-brained positions they do - whatever.

Prediction #3.

Our next phony primary will feature an open Democrat primary so the "independents" can come home to their party and vote for either of two Marxists - again.

Prediction #4:

Non-resident college students will cast about 8-10% of the votes in this primary.

And my last prediction/observation:

NH weathermen predict snow every Thursday for the upcoming weekend during ski season.

Welcome to New Hampshire