James O'Keefe Is About To Be Arrested...

if previous actions by voter fraud activists in NH are any precedent.

Its not nice to fool Mr. Gardner.

Anyone with a pulse can show voter fraud in New Hampshire because our system is set up to encourage it. But proving voter fraud and not getting arrested is another thing entirely. And for this action to enlighten voters in our state Mr. O'Keefe might lose his right to vote.

When non-residents are voting in New Hampshire you are not allowed to look at them cross-eyed - that is the standard Gardner and the AG hold against anyone seeing the fraud and attempting to stop it, or expose it.

Ten years ago I was told by Mr. Gardner there was a guy who was arrested in NH for just what O'Keefe has done. And that was before we totally relaxed our voting statutes for non-residents and stiffened them for voters who live here.

This should be interesting.

Mr. O'Keefe's attorney should give me a ring.