Mr. 39% Big Winner!

I watched some of the NH Open Primary last night but have yet to see how Obama did. I assume he won. (Update 82%. Wow that's unanimous!)

It is always nice to have the race called one minute after the 8:00 polls close. All the cable networks seemed to be competing for a nano-second advantage in declaring a winner. They win as well as the papers who sold advertising along with any campaign's paid campaign staff.

The other winners are:

NH Libertarians who showed they are a force to be dealt with by getting 23% of the vote and now have Romney as the Republican standard bearer. Watching Ron Paul’s victory speech was an eye-opener, the part about saving Social Security.

NH’s Liberal Establishment Republicans who joined with Independent voters to keep a conservative out of the top three are once again the winners. They have a true liberal Establishment Republican like McCain, Bush/Bush, and Dole once more.

Rick Santorum is a winner if he goes off to South Carolina as the only conservative Republican and the other Republican candidates don’t buy millions of dollars of ads to slaughter him.

Secretary of State Bill Gardner is once again a winner because few people have figured out this primary is a scam.

Rick Perry didn’t waste money in NH. Is he a winner? Not sure.

Buddy Roemer is a winner for not losing his dignity and sense of humor.

Gary Johnson is a winner because he done seen the light.

The losers are:

The Democrats and main stream media lost all credibility because their Democrat plant, Huntsman, the only “sane” Republican, flopped. He can now go to South Carolina with his hair on fire.

There ain’t no way to spin Newt and have it pass the happy smell test.

NH voters are losers in this scam because sometime today the people who make a living off of the NH Open Primary will be plotting the next presidential election cycle after Romney gets 39% in the general election.