My Firing Is Your Streamlining?

The Democrat Party line as of today will be: Mitt Romney likes to fire people! This is a pretty simple thing to repeat so it will stick in the narrow minds of liberals until some other talking point is ginned up and delivered to them. You know the drill.

But far and away the guy who LOVES to fire people is Barak Obama and he even hired an unconstitutional Czar to pull the whole thing off.

Remember the Chrysler Dealers who lost their businesses during the government takeover in 2009? I bet you haven’t seen much of that Obama blunder in the news of late.

Here is a news article from the time which has a lot of detail in it:

The part of firing the Chrysler Dealers that Obama and his Car Czar, Steve Rattner loved the most about firing people and destroying their businesses, which employed hundreds of thousands of people?

Most car dealers are older, white, rich Republicans.

It was irresistible!

Just like when Pretty in Pantsuits got a toe in the door of the White House after Bill The Molester was elected – she fired the White House Travel Office.

It’s a Democrat thing.