Temper, Temper

According to a tell-all book just released by a former White House insider, Michelle Obama is fed up with being portrayed as an angry black woman - just the kind of minor criticism that an angry black woman would complain about.

But before this sub-royal treatment, she, for the first time in her life, forced herself to be proud of her country?

Didn’t we all vote to make her First Lady just so she would finally be proud of us here in Racist America?

And this is what we get for our trouble, along with $15 trillion in debt and several Air Force One jets staggering under her endless globe trotting vacation luggage demands?

Well get used to it First Lady Beautiful Arms. Your part in this failed, unprepared, Keynesian experiment in how much we can borrow and spend on your friends is coming to a spark spraying end. Trot on out to the golf course and ask hubby if he figured this out yet.

Let’s see. You and your better half have burned through four chiefs of staff plus an entire crew of Harvard economics geniuses and being called an angry black woman is just too much. The label "Marxist" doesn't bother you?

The revealing thing to me is that an insider had the guts to pen a book before the upcoming election (None of the Kennedy call girls ratted on him after the swimming lesson. It makes you look weak.)

Imagine an insider revealing what is going on in that left wing White House of yours.

You dare not call her out for “cashing in” because that is what the Obama’s are all about.

Maybe that is part of what makes you so angry.